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Disregarding the Shame Reaching Out for the Joy

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Disregarding the Shame Reaching Out for the Joy
Order this 3 DVD set of this healing workshop, meant to bring the woundedness suffered by those who were abused or neglected to the healing power of our Lord. It is intended for use by those involved in healing ministry or counseling.
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Also available in Spanish

We also now have a participants booklet available for $5.

Full Description
This groundbreaking workshop, intended for counselors and people involved in healing ministries, prayerfully address the wounds, pain and lies surrounding the victims of sexual, physical and extreme emotional abuse. Through a series of six talks with prayers and contemporary Christian music, participants are helped to bring their suffering before our Lord for His redemptive, healing love. They will learn how God sees them and what He has to offer to transform them from victims to victors. Co-authored and co-lead by Rev. Gail Paul and Rev. Lawrence Carew, this workshop has been used with many victims nationwide with results which could be described as nothing less than miraculous. When offered in a setting where personal prayer is provided for participants by local individuals, God’s powerful desire to heal and restore are evidenced in major breakthroughs and wonderful testimonies of release and renewal. Also available in print for distribution to participants at the conclusion of the series.
Disk 1
Talk 1 What would Jesus Do? What is Jesus Doing?
Talk 2 Freedom from the Lies that Bind
Disk 2
Talk 3 Healing the Wounded Child
Talk 4 From Victim to Victor
Disk 3
Talk 5 Forgiveness: The Deathly Gasp of the Crucified Christ
and the Mighty Breath of the Risen Lord
Talk 6 Resurrected Into Loving Relationships
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