Community of the Cross

Healing the Imprisoned: A Retreat



This is a series of six talks aimed at bringing incarcerated men and women into an experience of the healing of the Holy Spirit.
Session 1 - Coming to know Jesus, the Prisoner.
Session 2 - Inviting Jesus to heal lingering wounds and scars of childhood abusue.
Session 3 - Meeting the man in the middle: Salvation as God's forgiveness.
Session 4 - Encountering the risen Christ: Salvation as healing love and new life.
Session 5 - Rejecting spiritual power and experience which does not come from God & Coming into the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
Session 6 - How the sins of our "fathers" distort our image of God & Healing our image of God - Coming to know the love of our Father in heaven and ourselves as His beloved children.

This program is offered free of charge to those involved in prison ministry! to order