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Six Simple Steps into Healing Prayer



This is the latest workshop from Fr. Larry Carew.  This healing workshop is for everyone!  Based on Father Carew's 40 year ministry in healing prayer.  This ecumenical program includes teaching wich invites those who know little or nothing about healing prayer into a way to access healings of the body, mind and spirit.

The presentations regularly connect biblical wisdom and stories with testimonies of Christ's healing activity in people's lives today.

Healing the Shepherds

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This DVD series of six talks is an ecumenical program for ordained priests and ministers and those who work in other areas of ministry, both in the church and the community, to be re-commissioned and refreshed as you are ministered to.

The six talks are:

H - The Healer who neded healing

E - Encounter with the Risen Christ

A - Accepting Jesus, letting go of control

L - Living in the awareness of being a beloved child of the Father

E - Empowered afresh by the Holy Spirit

Disregarding the Shame Reaching Out for the Joy

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Disregarding the Shame Reaching Out for the Joy
Order this 3 DVD set of this healing workshop, meant to bring the woundedness suffered by those who were abused or neglected to the healing power of our Lord. It is intended for use by those involved in healing ministry or counseling.
$30 plus $5 shipping
Printed Version is available for $10
Also available in Spanish